New Home Builders, Renovation Specialists and Small Commercial Construction

New Home Builders, Renovation Specialists and Small Commercial Construction 2017-06-21T19:48:41+00:00

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New Home Builders

If you have found your perfect lot in Victoria and are ready to start building the home of your dreams, we understand the importance of getting it right. We are new home builders with very high standards and we’re dedicated to turning your dreams into reality – not headaches. We will work tirelessly with you to understand and translate your vision, and help you through the stages of making it a reality. If you haven’t found a designer, we can help there too, we’ll work with you right from the outset.

Renovations Specialist

If you are renovating your home -accentuating the pros and diminishing the cons- there is a unique set of considerations. As any new home builder can tell you, understanding your vision and the scope of work is essential. We are home renovation specialists and can advise you on many facets of your plans ensuring a transformation that demonstrates craftsmanship and attention to detail. Whether you are updating a couple of rooms, adding and extension or doing a major overhaul, Domingo and Co can be the vehicle to your vision.

Small Commercial Construction

Domingo and Co are also skilled at small commercial construction projects. Here we strive to understand your vision and the ultimate functional needs of a build. As in new home construction or renovation we work with you in all aspects of planning and execution to deliver a product that will exceed your expectations. We work seamlessly with sub-trades and understand the value of solid project management practices.

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